Programs and Services

Sickle Cell Association of South Louisiana (SCASL) provides care coordination and supportive services free of charge to individuals living with Sickle Cell Disease (SCD).

Kneaux Sickle University

Educational services and training in the following area. Classes are scheduled on topics relevant to each.

  • Kneaux Sickle 101 – Newborn – Toddler
  • Kneaux Sickle 200 – School Age
  • Kneaux Sickle 300 – Transitional Care
  • Kneaux Sickle 400 – Adult Care
  • Kneaux Sickle 500 – Inside the Red Cell – Trait Counseling, Disease Education, Health and Holistic Care
  • Kneaux Sickle 600 – Clinical Trials

Additional Services

Care Coordination

Navigating a chronic illness is challenging and coordination of resources is critical. SCASL employs certified community health workers and sickle cell educators to provide individualized care coordination for persons living with Sickle Cell Disease. In addition, SCASL staff is trained to assist with insurance navigation; finding medical homes; identifying sub-specialty care professionals; and making referrals to educational and social services programs.

Every Ounce Counts Campaign

SCASL hosts blood drives for clients to obtain blood credits that will assist with their transfusion needs. Participating clients are incentivized with financial credits toward their medical bills. Please contact us if you are transfused and would like to be a part of this program.

Fountain of Health - Hydration Program

Severe dehydration is a complication of SCD.  Dehydration can slow blood flow which can cause painful events in a person with SCD.  SCALS’s Fountain of Health program partners with local companies and schools to supply sports drinks to clients to help maintain hydration levels.  If your company, church, school or civic group is interested in supporting this effort, please email us at

Insurance Navigation


SCASL assists with insurance navigation to ensure clients maximize their plan benefits.

  • Private Insurance: SCASL will work with clients to ensure they receive the maximum benefits from their plan.
  • Medicaid: CHW’s participate in ongoing trainings and updates to provide guidance and understanding on benefits and changes to the Medicaid system,  SCASL is an approved Medicaid Application Center.
  • Medicare: CHW’s participate in ongoing trainings and updates to provide guidance and understanding on benefits and changes to the Medicare system.

Client Activities

SCASL plans annual events for our clients including Family and Friends Day, summer camps and holiday events.  Please contact our office, check our website, or follow our social media sites for scheduled activities.

Jesse Douglas Education Resource Library

Educational materials on Sickle Cell Disease and related conditions are available for clients and the general public.

Emergency Health care Assistance Program

SCASL provides clients with emergency healthcare assistance for prescription, medical, dental, and vision services  through our approved providers until care coordination has been completed. 

Kneaux Sickle Public Education

From health fairs to speaking engagements, SCASL has certified sickle cell educators prepared to provide education and outreach to general public, professional organizations, social, civic and faith-based organizations.

Support Groups

There are three monthly support groups established.  We encourage all attendees to RSVP.  All Meetings are held at our office.

  • Client/Caregiver Meeting: Third Wednesday @ Noon
  • Parents Meeting: Second Saturday @ 11a.m.
  • Teen Meeting: Third Saturday @ 11 a.m.

Aireus J. Taylor Scholarship

An academic scholarship, funded by Priscilla Smith in honor of her grandson, Aireus, is awarded annually to high school senior with Sickle Cell Disease planning to attend college or trade school. Applications are due the second Monday in March, and the scholarship is awarded each May. 

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