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IDEA Bridge Public School and College Prep

1-Mile Walk and Blood Drive

IDEA Bridge Public School and College Prep has partnered with Sickle Cell Association of South Louisiana (SCASL) to host a 1-mile walk and blood drive in honor of a former student who passed away from sickle cell disease in January.

The walk and blood drive will recognize the life of Cervontezz Kelley and bring awareness to sickle cell disease. On Saturday, March 27, IDEA Bridge students, staff, teachers, and families will walk or run 1-mile at Forest Community Park from 9 a.m.-1 p.m. Supporters are asked to also give the gift of life by donating blood, especially to help sickle cell patients. Many sickle cell disease patients receive a blood transfusion to provide normal red blood cells to their bodies. Blood transfusions help lessen anemia, help the blood flow more freely, ease pain crisis, and prevent complications.

Kelley’s best friend, Kedrick Sims Jr., is the driving force for the walk and blood drive because he wanted to do something for his friend and bring awareness.  

“I wanted to donate blood to help the sickle cell anemia foundation so that they could help other people not be like Cervontezz, and they can find a cure,” said Sims.

After hearing about his friend’s death and disease, Sims said he wanted to help bring awareness to sickle cell disease, so he went to the internet to research. “I went on their (SCASL) website, and I looked at the little events that we could do, and I saw blood donation, and I saw Ryan’s Run, and I chose those things to do,” said Sims.

After Sims gave a speech about his friend at a school memory ceremony for Kelley, he took his plan of a blood drive to IDEA Bridge Principal Dhiyaa-Ud-Deen Abdullah, who then went to Sim and Kelley’s fourth-grade math teacher Antonio Delaine. And the blood drive began to develop.

“When I heard about Kendricks thoughts of having a run in honor of Cervontezz, I thought we need to take this full-on. We know that sickle cell is very important to our community and one of our dear friends who lost his life (Cervontezz). So, recognizing Cervontezz and honoring him is important,” said Abdullah. “For one, for us to know what sickle cell is about, but also recognize our fellow Capital friend. Pay respect to him but bring awareness to what sickle cell is.”

Kelley not only touched the life of his best friend but also everyone he met.

“Cervontezz was an amazing young man that brought so much joy and kindness to us all. He would have to eat lunch by himself because of different elements. He would always come into the admin office to ask us what we were doing. He was an old soul in a young body. But he was an amazing kid that brought light and joy to everyone around him,” said Abdullah.

Sims first met Kelley in third grade teacher Brooklyn Hano’s homeroom and Louisiana History class. “Cervontezz Kelley was unlike any other student I ever had. He could walk into a room and light up anyone’s day. He was so inspirational and showed me even on my worse day to look for the positive in things,” said Hano. “And he battled through so much, and um, it made me realize that there is always a brighter side to things, and he is just a wonderful, wonderful boy.”

Give The Gift of Life

Many sickle cell disease patients receive blood transfusion to provide normal red blood cells to the patient’s body. Blood transfusions help lessen anemia and can help the blood to flow more freely and ease pain crisis and prevent complications.

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Your donation will assist SCASL in providing care coordination and support to individuals living with sickle cell disease in South Louisiana.